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Farewell, folks.

There is no easy way to say this, so we’ll get right down to it. is discontinuing services on September 29, 2014.

The last two years have been a great experience for us - building the product, understanding your response, making mistakes and learning from them. We have also come to realize that we need to do things differently to provide you with a better experience and product.

Our mission has always been to create products that make communication a delightful experience. Thus, we are discontinuing while we pivot in a different direction that lets us provide you with better products and a superior experience. We appreciate and thank you for being with us on this journey.

We are honored to be part of the thousands of people that wake up every morning to communicate via, and we bid it goodbye with great regret. We hope you had as much fun using as we had building it.

Thank you for your love and support.



FAQs -

Q - What happens to my groups, profile, conversations and contacts?
A - All personal data, including your conversations, groups, profile and contacts will be securely deleted from our servers once services cease to operate.

Q - I’m using on an Android phone. What happens to my SMS?
A - Your SMS will remain safely on your phone. You can keep using as an SMS app, but you won’t be able to access your user profile, conversations and groups.
If you decide to remove, you will be able to access your SMS via your default messaging app.

Q - I use on multiple devices. Will stop working on all of them?
A - Yes, we’re discontinuing services for all clients. Thus, will cease to function across all your devices.


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Happy New Year!

The past year has been great at We’re now available on all major smartphone and desktop platforms, and launched a slew of exciting features – stickers, doodles, photos and more. We also released a spanking new UI for iOS7. 

As we enter 2014, we’re incredibly excited for the features we’ve got planned, and are raring to bring them to you :)

Thank you for driving us to make the best products we can. Have a great year, and stay tuned!


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Say more with Stickers on

Today we’re very excited to announce Stickers - a brand new, fun-filled way to communicate with your family and friends.


Stickers are perfect for moments when words are not enough. We’ve included over a hundred different stickers for every mood and occasion. In the mood to party? Feeling sleepy? Surprised? There’s a sticker for that!


Ready to take your conversations to the next level? with Stickers is now available for iOS in the App Store and for Android at the Google Play Store.

We hope you enjoy this festive season with and keep an eye out for more exciting sticker packs headed your way in the coming weeks.

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Texting now baked into for Android

At, our goal is to make your communication simpler, faster and a lot more fun. Having spoken to many of you, we learned that a lot of communication still happens using the default SMS app. To make it easier to have all your conversations in one place, we’re bringing SMS support right into

With this release, you can not only send and receive SMS messages with, but also share doodles, images, smileys, participate in groups and do much more, all over SMS.

Share doodles and images over SMS

Sharing doodles and images with your SMS contacts is easy – just pick your contact in and attach an image or doodle. Your contact can then view the image/doodle and reply to you, right from the SMS. There’s nothing like a doodle to lighten up the conversation :)


Group Chat over SMS

Chat with several SMS contacts at once using group chat. Your contacts receive group messages on SMS and can reply right from the SMS. Whether planning a party, sharing pictures or just catching up, group chat makes conversations so much easier, you’ll never go back.


Lighter, cleaner UI for your chats 

With this update, we’ve also introduced a completely new look for your contacts, groups and chats; one that keeps the focus on your chats.


An update to for Android is available starting today at the Google Play Store. (Due to our staggered update process, you might not yet see the updated app. Please wait till the updated app is available.) 

We’d love to hear from you about how you use Send us an email at